Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can't stop cutting Myself: Why this occurs

I can't stop cutting myself is a common dilemma amongst those who practice this behavior, what many who self harm may not be aware of is that the act of self harm is extremely addictive, like any other addiction it may see that you can take control the behavior but this is not the truth, self harming can become a very vicious cycle of emotional pain. It is a very common phrase “ I can't stop cutting myself” and there is a good reason for this.

Why Self harm is so addictive

All self harming stems from an emotional stress, this is something that has been proven by mental health officials, this emotional stress can coming from school, family, friends or other people who are close to you. The numbers of people suffering from stress has increased dramatically over the past decade according to the department of mental health, emotional stresses cause trouble in the body and the brain. According to researchers at Ohio University constantly thinking on your problems causes stressful inflammation in the body and brain.

I can't stop cutting myself

Those who self harm often live in a continual depressed state of mind, in the study it was found that to ruminate on stressful incidents( or a life of bad experiences) increased levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of tissue inflammation.. The study by Ohio University is the first to directly measure this effect in the body. Reaching for the blade is a solution to the stress and it may work but you will continually need this solution and it often become an addiction, this is similar to those who turn to alcohol for the solution to their stressful situation. When interviewed by researchers in Europe (Scotland)  “I can't stop cutting myself” was a common confession amongst self harmers. Self Harm comes with a price, each cut leaves a deeper emotional scar that you will have to live with, it is a bad solution to an emotional depression or an overwhelming stress.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

I ruined my life when I slept with...

“I ruined my life” it is a common situation we hear so much today from teen girls who make a mistake and end up nude on a very embarrassing video or cellphone. There has been no less than 3 major news stories in the past 3 months of girls who have slept with multiple guys at a party(the girls was drunk in all cases) and the event ends up on hundreds of cellphone videos. “ I ruined my life”... The latest case is in California where a teen girl just 15 hung herself after being videotaped having sex with multiple guys(she was unconscious and drunk), the boys are being charged with rape.

The rise in Depression

Depression statistics from the department of mental health shows that there are been a very large increase in the numbers of teens who are suffering from clinical depression, the situation is just as gloomy for college students who have seen a rise in their suicide rates over the last 10 years. Many of the young people today are stressed and depressed and often that can lead to alcohol as a form of release, the proliferation of cellphone cameras are causing the bad decision of many girls to be shared with thousands on the internet. The numbers of girls who believe that they have ruined their lives after an encounter with multiple guys are increasing.

Bragging rights for guys

Men have always bragged about their intimate encounters but the proliferation of cellphone cameras have teens taking the bragging rights to a whole new level, these encounters are being shared on cellphone videos by teen boys, many of the girls cannot live down the shame. Jessica Garcia just 15 threw herself in front of a on coming train and died after 4 boys slept with her and videotaped the encounter on their cellphones, the videotaped encounter was shared with hundreds in the school. “ I ruined my life” was what she believed and ended her life violently, she admitted she could not take the shame. “I ruined my life”, teens with cellphone cameras are taking another person's bad decisions and shooting revealing all the details on an atomic level.

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Cutting yourself, Depressed and Suicidal thoughts

If you are cutting yourself and depressed it is important to know that this can lead to a downward spiral of more serious self harm, the numbers of young people committing suicide is growing. Although most Mental health officials say that a person who cuts is not trying to take their life what is not mentioned is that many cutters do have suicidal thoughts very often. Cutting yourself and feeling depressed does lead to increased suicidal thoughts.

According to the British Medical Journal, deliberate self harm ranges from behaviors with no suicidal intent (but with the intent to communicate distress or relieve tension) through to suicide. Almost 1 in6 adolescents will self harm at some time in their life, and 1 in 2 older adolescents report having had suicidal thoughts at some time. What this shows is that cutting yourself with depressed feelings may be on the “lower end” of the suicide range but many do progress from cutting to suicide. The leap from the blade for cuts to an attempt on the life is not that far, this is extremely troubling.

All cutters are experiencing an inner pain that comes from life situations, others make you cut. We are seeing a growing number of bullying and school stresses leading to self harm. If you are cutting yourself and depressed do not be deceived because self harm and suicidal thoughts are linked, this was revealed by researchers at School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, they concluded

Compared to those who had never self-harmed, those who had self-harmed but not wanted to die during the most recent episode were at increased risk of ever having had suicidal thoughts and ever making suicidal plans. As the frequency of self-harm increased, so did the risk of suicidal thoughts and plans.

Cutting yourself is not a simple release of tension from stress, it is an act that has a strong link to suicidal thoughts, many who have committed suicide were cutters earlier in life or engaged in other acts of self harm when depressed.

Self harm is a bad solution to an inner problem uses caused by others.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

I started cutting myself again... When you fail

Can you stop cutting yourself is a good question and the answer lies within the cutter, there are cutters who say they “needed” to do it, it is something that gets them through the pain they are experiencing. Can you stop depends on the situation and where you are in your life, all cutters are not the same, each person is experiencing a different feeling. Can you stop cutting yourself or is it something that will always continue? This is a question we received from a girl who had been cutting for many years, stopped and then relapsed.

The frustration is real

There are many who thought they had conquered self harming only to find that something in life triggers the feeling to cut again, this can be a very disappointing feeling, it is important to realize that if you start hurting yourself again it does not mean that you have failed. The situation is different for each person and depending on what you are going through you may be led to start hurting yourself again. It may seem like you have failed but this is not the case, it simply means that you suffered a set back, do not judge yourself to harshly.

Self harm can be an addiction and like any other addiction we sometimes fall down and go back to doing something that we know inside is not really right, often cutters are very hard on themselves when they start harming again. It is important to understand that this is an addiction that can be triggered, the cutter may not s have seen abetter way to handle what they were going through at the time. Can you stop cutting yourself? Yes, but make the full effort to take control of the problem and realize sometimes we fall down

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Depressed, cutting yourself? Take control

Are you depressed and cutting yourself? If this is your situation you are not alone. The numbers of people self harming has increased in the United States and much of Europe over the last 10 years. What is even scarier is the fact the average age of the cutters are getting younger, recent hospital records in England show 10 years being admitted for self harm. If you are depressed and cutting yourself it is a sign that you do need help but getting the right help is important.

The incredible rise in self harm

In Scotland, Europe the numbers of people self harming has skyrocketed, according to the Lib Dem health spokesman Ross Finnie, he was quoted as saying the numbers are “astonishing”

He continued "This was backed up by a more recent report into child and adolescent mental health which warned about the prevalence of self-harm and the lack of systematic support.

"The health secretary needs to act on these figures and address the concerns about mental health services outlined by Audit Scotland” What is telling about his statement is the admission that there is a lack of support for those who are suffering, if you are depressed and cutting yourself there may not be anyone available to help you, this is why it is important to take steps to help yourself

What's in a pill?

The usual treatment for a person who is self harming is to receive anti depressants and this is a good option, it is not the only option and it should not be the last step in your healing. You should go beyond a pill to get to the root causes of your self harm. The emptiness inside will never be filled with a pill if you are depressed and cutting yourself. There is some good news, many people have been helped alone in private by reading the “Red Report” Self harm, it has now been read in over 10 countries by people who self harm, it can take you beyond pills. See here The Red Report Self Harm 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

When Cellphone photos led to self harm and suicide

The case of the Steubenville  High school football players has ended and the boys have been found guilty of rape, the case was busted wide open when photos of the victim was passed around by the players on their cell phones. The pictures show a teen girl completely knocked out and drunk being dragged around by a group who all had sex with her. This story brings to mind another young girl who was in a similar situation but did not live to see her tormentors brought to justice.

Felicia Garcia and cellphone pictures

Felicia Garcia was a 15 year old high school student who grew up with no family, her parents were killed at an early age in an accident. She grew up in various foster homes. Felicia, like so many young girls today had no father and very little direction, One day she made the mistake of sleeping with a member of a Staten Island football team, sadly this turned into a very bad situation.  4 members of the football team ended up having intercourse with her at the same time, as bad as the situation was it became worst.

Cellphones are the new parents

Teens do everything on their phones today, the most intimate details of their lives are shared with friends on their phones. It is a world where adults are not permitted to enter. One of the most disturbing trends among teenagers is the sharing of details by cellphone video, the boys who had sex with Felicia recorded it on their cellphones and shared the footage. Soon many of the students were passing around Felicia’s bad decision with the football team.

She was humiliated, she was taunted continually in school and tried to ignore what happened that horrible night. She later confessed to a friend that she could not take it anymore of the bullying. Girls jealous of Felicia looks, all shared the video to more people.  When Felecia could not take the taunting she began to break. With no family she felt like the lonely person in the world. The video that lived forever on the boy's cellphones was too much for her.

I give up

Felicia stood on a subway platform as scores of students waited for the train, she jumped in front of the on coming train. She died at the scene.

Sadly, in the United States 15 year old boys are heroes if they can kick or catch a ball. Many of the Staten Island parents were worried that the boys would be suspended and miss some “important football games”.  Many blame the school for protecting the players (One teen had a scholarship to play college football) In a fatherless generation many of the young girls are suffering, the role of a loving supportive male is crucial to a young girl's development. In the pass a horrible mistake that Felicia made may have only be a rumor, but with social media the world sees.

A 15 year old girl who had no one in this world chose to be intimate with one boy, he quickly turned her over to his friends to do as they wanted.

The hidden world of teen cellphones and social media has caused bullying to be taken to another disgusting level. It is time parents demand to know what is happening on their teen's phone, It is time for Fathers to protect their daughters. At 15, teens do not have the intelligence or experience to use  these mobile devices unsupervised, It is time for parent to step up and start parenting. Catching a football does not make a child exceptional but character and good behavior does.  

In Memory of Felicia Garcia 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cutting and Depressed is a sad combination

Cutting and Depressed is the situation that so many are finding themselves in, hospitalization statistics show girls barely 12 year old are self harming, it is a growing dilemma. The United Kingdom has a very troubling self harm problem. The latest hospitalization numbers show that self harm is definitely increasing in England. For every person self harming it is an individual who is not getting the help that they need. To cut is a solution to an emotional stress, cutting and depressed is a very sad combination, sadly the 2 often go well together.

They have no answers

It is common to hear a cutter say that the people who they look to for help have no answers, something is missing and the harmer is falling in between the cracks. No one starts their day looking forward to harming their bodies, it is always an underlying stress that is behind self harm. It is possible to know that it is wrong to harm and still do it, knowing it is not right does not mean you will have the power to stop the act, it is a solution to a problem. Depression and cutting is a sad situation to be in but it is how so many are living.

Guys also harm
It is not only the girls who are harming but the girls are starting out younger and younger. 10 year old girls harming? It is the new reality but so many don't know what to do about it. The guys also harm, maybe not with a blade but with other risky behaviors, it is really scary when you think about it. You may be pushed against a wall and then comes a tremendous amount of pressure. The roots of depression are linked to many who are cutting themselves.

Self harm becomes an addiction, why not take charge and reverse this today, like thousands in over 10 countries who have read the Red Report Self harm Cure

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Still cutting myself: What to do about this

I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself, this was the latest message that we received last week. There are many who are in the same situation, they understand that self harm is not good but they have difficulty stopping, this is not uncommon. Cutters are often very intelligent and insightful, they often know that what they are doing is not right. I know it is wrong but “I am still cutting myself” If this is the situation you find yourself in this post is for you.

The roots of Self harm

A cut is something that usually happens by accident, we have all experienced this, it is a harm to the body. Self harming is purposely causing injury to the body. It is important to think about the act, you are actually causing your own harm. This may seem obvious but it is good to really think about the action. “The Red Report self harm” revealed to thousands of cutters that the inner pain is manifested as a self harming thought. Logically, self harming may no make sense but the act is based on an inner emotionally stress. “ I am still cutting myself” The statement reflexes a deep inner stress that causes the thoughts of self harm.

Knowing this is wrong does not change the fact that the stress and pressure is building up and leading to a thought of harm. The number of people harming themselves is on the increase, in much of Europe there is a crisis. In England the numbers of people harming has tripled in the last 10 years according to the NHS. Hospital admittance for self harm is on the upswing and the harmers are starting younger. Medications are the usual course of action but this is only one option. As much as anti depressants are useful they may not resolves the root causes of the emotional stresses which cause self harm. “I am still cutting myself” This is not the situation you want to stay in because each cut leaves a deeper emotional scar.

The Red Report has been used to stop self harm in private and own your own in over 10 countries.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you have to tell a doctor you are cutting yourself

Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting yourself is a very common question. There are many who cut and try to make sure that parents or medical doctors do not find out what they doing. Self harm is growing amongst teens and adults in England, the situation is getting worst according to the NHS. Why are so many wondering if they have to tell a doctor that they are cutting themselves? The reason is clearly that the cutter knows that this is something that is simply wrong.

A physical act that stems from a emotional cause

If you are self harming it is a sign that something is emotional wrong, harming your body is not healthy behavior, it may not be your fault that you started self harming, we have shown for over 4 years that most cutters were pushed emotional into a corner. Often parents have no clue that their child is self harming, there is a shrewd of secrecy that surrounds self harm. A cutter may or may not be suicidal but they are not happy either. A person who cuts is performing a physical action but the reasons are completely emotional

The Doctor may know you harm yourself

Doctors are very good at seeing emotional issues and self harm is definitely an emotional issue, self harm is a solution to an inner dissatisfaction. When a doctor discovers that a person is harming they may refer the cutter to have a mental evaluation. Often cutters are afraid that they will be viewed as crazy or will be forced to be put on medication. Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting? No but this issue should not be ignored, it must be addressed.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

I am addicted to cutting myself

I am addicted to cutting myself was the last email that we received yesterday, the mail from a 20 year young woman reinforced much of the emotional abuse that she has lived with. Bullying was one of the events that caused this young woman pain when she was a teen. The teasing and feel of loneliness lead her on a very destructive path. “I am addicted to cutting myself” how do I stop? This was her question

We can say that after 4 years of working with cutters that reading “The Red Report” will address the cutting problem immediately. In the case of this woman self harm started after living a very disastrous life in high school. She did not feel like she had any close friends, bullying started with name calling and progressed to silly pranks which other girls thought was funny but caused much pain to our cutter. There are thousands of people self harming all over Europe and the United States, in addition self harm is a huge problem in Asia but it is seldom spoken of. “I am addicted to cutting myself”, it is a cry of many who deal with this issue alone

Why you cut

Self harm is a solution to a problem, it is a method that is used to stop an emotional emptiness, like a drug the self harm does seem to work but it is only temporary, you will soon cut again. The inner problem is never solved with cutting it is a vicious cycle and you never heal. Science is revealing that a technique of going inside to the root of the pain and emptiness can help you stop self harming, this is not with a therapist but alone. This new way is helping you regain the power and control that has been taken from you. I am addicted to cutting is what has brought thousands to the The Red Report which is read in 10 countries See here Stopping Self Harm in 10 countries

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Internet Addiction and Self harm

Researchers believe internet addiction,depression,self harm are linked. The internet has been thought of as a good source of brain activity for those who are depressed and it can be but a study is debating this. While the internet can provide entertainment and brain activity, self harm addiction combined with depression may not work well with long internet hours say researchers.

Depression is complex

Depression is very complex and each person has a unique reaction when they are depressed. Self harming is when a person purposely harms themselves usually with a blade or knife, the act may not be an attempt at suicide but it does reveal a deep underlying emotional problem. The numbers of people self harming have increased over 200% over the last 10 years according to the center for mental health. This figures may be low as many are not open to admitting self harming.

Lawrence Lam, an epidemiologist at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, Australia, and his colleague Zi-Wen Peng at SunYat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China Studied heavy internet users and they did find a correlation between internet time and depression.

"The results indicate that people who use the Internet pathologically are most at risk of mental problems and would develop depression when they continue with that behavior."
On this site we have worked with depressed cutter for over 4 years and we can say that the study conclusion may be in error, we have found that what people are searching for is more important than how long they are searching(surfing). For example our research shows that certain music and pornography can increase depression but video game sites do not seem to increase depression. In addition, news sites seem to relieve depression for some reason in many people. From our research internet addiction and self harm(depression) do not correlate.

The typical treatment for self harm is medication, depending on the person different forms of medication can be utilized. Medications can be good and they can save lives but it is important not to stop at medication, there must come an inner healing. The inside out technique from the Red Report detailed how a cutter can address the issue and reverse the problem private. Self harm addiction is not normal and indicates a emotional stress.

Cutting yourself is an addiction

The act of cutting yourself is an addiction, it may start as a solution to a stressful situation but it is a very dangerous solution, in fact, self harm is never a solution. The numbers of people self harming is increasing rapidly, many are not sure exactly why they cut but they do feel the need to hurt themselves. Any act of harm on yourself or others is not good, regardless of whether you think you are in control of the self harm or not, harming anyone is not good. Cutting yourself for many people is truly an addiction, stopping can be extremely difficult.

Stressful situation

Stress is at the root cause of cutting, dissatisfaction in life and unhappiness will always be at the root cause of harm. When a person feels like their back is against a wall and there is no escape from themselves or others it will creates stress. Emotional stress can come from parents, teachers or even friends. The end result is always dissatisfaction and inner pain which can manifest as self harm, this can become the chosen method of easing the pain. This can develop into a very dangerous habit, cutting yourself can be an addiction.

To medicate or not to medicate? The typical treatment for self harm is medication, depending on the person different forms of medication can be utilized. Medications can be good and they can save lives but it is important not to stop at medication, there must come an inner healing, you must address the source of the self harm. The answer to self harm resides on the inside not the outside. The outward act of self harm is due to an inner dissatisfaction.  This was detailed fully in the Red Report as far back as 4 years ago. The inner is causing the outward act of self harm and it can ruin your life if not treated. Be well

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can't stop cutting myself? An answer

Why can't I stop cutting myself was a common question from a group of teens who had been harming themselves. The numbers of adults as well as teens who are self harming has been increasing according to recent health reports from Europe, Asia and the United States. Researchers are alarmed at the rising trend which has been affecting so many people. Often those practicing self harm behavior cannot actually verbal why they do the act. “I can't stop cutting myself” , this was the major issue at a current teen conference which was held in the United States.

The rising trend in self harm

Dr. Lee Lewis, at the Medical University of South Carolina spoke about the rising level of teens who are harming themselves

“I don't think anyone would say it's trendy or cool. It's painful,” Dr. Lewis explained. “The biggest risk factor is knowing or caring for someone who self injures. What you see is pockets that spring up in close knit areas”

We have worked with cutters from many years and  this website can tell you that cutters do what they do to relieve an inward stress. Emotional stress is at the root cause of all self harming, the act of causing a “cut” is an outward action which is coming from an inward emotional stress. Self harm can develop into a very addictive behavior, it is an act used by many to “say something”; it is an outward expression which is not good. If you are saying “I can't stop cutting myself” you are not alone, this problem can be solved.

The Red Report is  the best selling report for the last 5 year to stop self harm alone, no therapists or doctors. The most important thing to understand is that self harm is a very destructive habit, each cut leaves an emotional reminder of an inward problem. When you learn to fill back up what is missing then you will stop self harming. This is the technique from the “Red Report” that is now used in 12 countries

If you are saying "I can't stop cutting myself", please understand that you are not alone and there is help.

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