Monday, March 11, 2013

Still cutting myself: What to do about this

I know it is wrong but I am still cutting myself, this was the latest message that we received last week. There are many who are in the same situation, they understand that self harm is not good but they have difficulty stopping, this is not uncommon. Cutters are often very intelligent and insightful, they often know that what they are doing is not right. I know it is wrong but “I am still cutting myself” If this is the situation you find yourself in this post is for you.

The roots of Self harm

A cut is something that usually happens by accident, we have all experienced this, it is a harm to the body. Self harming is purposely causing injury to the body. It is important to think about the act, you are actually causing your own harm. This may seem obvious but it is good to really think about the action. “The Red Report self harm” revealed to thousands of cutters that the inner pain is manifested as a self harming thought. Logically, self harming may no make sense but the act is based on an inner emotionally stress. “ I am still cutting myself” The statement reflexes a deep inner stress that causes the thoughts of self harm.

Knowing this is wrong does not change the fact that the stress and pressure is building up and leading to a thought of harm. The number of people harming themselves is on the increase, in much of Europe there is a crisis. In England the numbers of people harming has tripled in the last 10 years according to the NHS. Hospital admittance for self harm is on the upswing and the harmers are starting younger. Medications are the usual course of action but this is only one option. As much as anti depressants are useful they may not resolves the root causes of the emotional stresses which cause self harm. “I am still cutting myself” This is not the situation you want to stay in because each cut leaves a deeper emotional scar.

The Red Report has been used to stop self harm in private and own your own in over 10 countries.

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