Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sad Depressed and Cutting

Feeling sad is an emotion which does not garner enough attention, usually those who are filled with sadness are advised that they will soon get over it; this is not always the case. When in comes to self harm cutting there is often a feeling sadness which may not be detected by the person self harming. For many people they have become so use to being sad and depressed they have accepted this negative emotional condition as being normal.

More people cutting and depressed

Statistics show that Europe has been experiencing rising numbers of self harm cases; one of the most frequently cited reasons by those self harming was a feeling of sadness. There are more people on antidepressants than at any other time in the history of the Western Hemisphere; it is important to know that sadness is continually associated with self harm.

Dr Sinead McGilloway from Maynooth University in Ireland was one of the authors of a recent study which revealed emotional sadness as a catalyst for driving so many to self harm. What is very shocking is the fact that so many of those cutting themselves are not receiving any help. 

“People were falling through the cracks of service provision”. There is clearly a gap there that is being met by Pieta House (an organization responsible for identifying and helping those who self harm)” said Dr. McGilloway.  Sad, depressed and cutting has become the new normal for so many people; unfortunately many are living this way without getting any help. The usual treatment for those who are self harming is antidepressants, this has helped many but it does not get to the root cause of the cutting.  

The pros and cons of medications 
Drugs have been a huge help for the millions of people who are depressed, it is a fact that there are millions of people who simply could not function without the use of some antidepressant medications; but this should not be the last step in the healing process.
The underlying cause of cutting and self harm will always be emotional stress; it is the hidden stresses which are at the root cause of all self harming, this is what medication does not address.

Healing in private
There is a way of address sadness, cutting and self harm without medications which has been helping many, it is an inside out treatment which you perform simply by reading a report. The Red Report is now used in over 10 countries by people who are looking to address the issues of self harm alone and in private. The Red Report can be used alone or with medications, it is an inside out treatment which addresses the root cause of the self harm.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thoughts of cutting yourself? What you need to know

Thoughts of cutting yourself is something which should be taken very seriously, although there are many people who feel that cutters are not suicidal this is not necessarily the truth. There are many people who are self harming who may not know that this tendency can lead towards suicide. If you are entertaining thoughts of cutting yourself you are not alone, there are millions of people worldwide who are contemplating the very same thing. If you feel suicidal it is crucial that you speak with someone immediately or call emergency services, this is available in every country.


Cutters are often closer to suicidal contemplation than they may be aware of; this is one of the hidden dangers of self harm. Many cutters say that they are not thinking of taking their life but self harm is a slippery slope rooted in stress that can lead to suicidal contemplation. The roots of self harm are found in deep emotional stresses, these stresses may be very apparent (such as school or family problems). When the emotional stresses of life do not find a needed outlet this may cause a person to “turn on themselves”. Self harm is an emotional response to what seem like an inescapable stressful condition. Thoughts of cutting yourself must be taken seriously and can lead to other acts of self harm.

The usual course of treatment for those who are self harming is medications, antidepressants medication can be very helpful, and they do numb the emotional pain. While medications can be helpful they should not be the final stage in your recovery, drugs will never address the root cause of the emotional stresses.

Good news

There is a way to address thoughts of cutting yourself without doctors, therapist or pill; there is an inside out self heal technique which can de-active a cutting thought.  It has been helping people for more than 5 years. The Red Report is used in over 10 countries to de-active the impulse to cut, as you heal alone in private.  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Help to Stop cutting myself

“I am seeking help to stop cutting myself”, this was the email that we received over the weekend from a young woman who is battling the urge to self harm. We are very familiar with the temptation and urges which are associated with self harming, it is important to remember that cutters have an addiction; the action is a brain response to a stress.  The young woman’s cry is very revealing, “I am seeking help to stop cutting myself”, and the good news is that the person acknowledges that there is a problem.



Why we cut


Self harm is a brain reaction to an emotional stimuli, it is a coping mechanism employ by the brain to deal with a stressful situation. The numbers of people who are self harming is increasing in the United States and Europe, a recent report from Mayrood University highlighted the tremendous number of women self harming in Ireland. The University study reports that more than 10 percent of young women are self harming, what makes matters worst is that there is no way to tell how many more people are not being counted. We can now understand that like our emailer’s message “Seeking help to stop cutting myself” is not as rare as once believed, many millions are self harming worldwide.


This website has made it clear for over the last 5 years that the numbers of people self harming will continue to climb; this is because the root causes of the action are not being addressed. Doctors usually prescribed antidepressants for those who self harm, this can be a great help but we are left with a major problem, medications do not address the root causes of cutting.


There is some good news; there is a new technique which has been helping many people with seeking how to stop cutting themselves in an amazing way. It is a selgf help approach  that has been having great success with self injury, it involves no doctors, and no therapy; actually the cutter heals alone in private. You are filled back up, replacing with is missing and causing the self harm. You heal yourself alone and this cutting self help is effective, it is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults who self harm.