Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you have to tell a doctor you are cutting yourself

Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting yourself is a very common question. There are many who cut and try to make sure that parents or medical doctors do not find out what they doing. Self harm is growing amongst teens and adults in England, the situation is getting worst according to the NHS. Why are so many wondering if they have to tell a doctor that they are cutting themselves? The reason is clearly that the cutter knows that this is something that is simply wrong.

A physical act that stems from a emotional cause

If you are self harming it is a sign that something is emotional wrong, harming your body is not healthy behavior, it may not be your fault that you started self harming, we have shown for over 4 years that most cutters were pushed emotional into a corner. Often parents have no clue that their child is self harming, there is a shrewd of secrecy that surrounds self harm. A cutter may or may not be suicidal but they are not happy either. A person who cuts is performing a physical action but the reasons are completely emotional

The Doctor may know you harm yourself

Doctors are very good at seeing emotional issues and self harm is definitely an emotional issue, self harm is a solution to an inner dissatisfaction. When a doctor discovers that a person is harming they may refer the cutter to have a mental evaluation. Often cutters are afraid that they will be viewed as crazy or will be forced to be put on medication. Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting? No but this issue should not be ignored, it must be addressed.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

I am addicted to cutting myself

I am addicted to cutting myself was the last email that we received yesterday, the mail from a 20 year young woman reinforced much of the emotional abuse that she has lived with. Bullying was one of the events that caused this young woman pain when she was a teen. The teasing and feel of loneliness lead her on a very destructive path. “I am addicted to cutting myself” how do I stop? This was her question

We can say that after 4 years of working with cutters that reading “The Red Report” will address the cutting problem immediately. In the case of this woman self harm started after living a very disastrous life in high school. She did not feel like she had any close friends, bullying started with name calling and progressed to silly pranks which other girls thought was funny but caused much pain to our cutter. There are thousands of people self harming all over Europe and the United States, in addition self harm is a huge problem in Asia but it is seldom spoken of. “I am addicted to cutting myself”, it is a cry of many who deal with this issue alone

Why you cut

Self harm is a solution to a problem, it is a method that is used to stop an emotional emptiness, like a drug the self harm does seem to work but it is only temporary, you will soon cut again. The inner problem is never solved with cutting it is a vicious cycle and you never heal. Science is revealing that a technique of going inside to the root of the pain and emptiness can help you stop self harming, this is not with a therapist but alone. This new way is helping you regain the power and control that has been taken from you. I am addicted to cutting is what has brought thousands to the The Red Report which is read in 10 countries See here Stopping Self Harm in 10 countries

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Internet Addiction and Self harm

Researchers believe internet addiction,depression,self harm are linked. The internet has been thought of as a good source of brain activity for those who are depressed and it can be but a study is debating this. While the internet can provide entertainment and brain activity, self harm addiction combined with depression may not work well with long internet hours say researchers.

Depression is complex

Depression is very complex and each person has a unique reaction when they are depressed. Self harming is when a person purposely harms themselves usually with a blade or knife, the act may not be an attempt at suicide but it does reveal a deep underlying emotional problem. The numbers of people self harming have increased over 200% over the last 10 years according to the center for mental health. This figures may be low as many are not open to admitting self harming.

Lawrence Lam, an epidemiologist at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, Australia, and his colleague Zi-Wen Peng at SunYat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China Studied heavy internet users and they did find a correlation between internet time and depression.

"The results indicate that people who use the Internet pathologically are most at risk of mental problems and would develop depression when they continue with that behavior."
On this site we have worked with depressed cutter for over 4 years and we can say that the study conclusion may be in error, we have found that what people are searching for is more important than how long they are searching(surfing). For example our research shows that certain music and pornography can increase depression but video game sites do not seem to increase depression. In addition, news sites seem to relieve depression for some reason in many people. From our research internet addiction and self harm(depression) do not correlate.

The typical treatment for self harm is medication, depending on the person different forms of medication can be utilized. Medications can be good and they can save lives but it is important not to stop at medication, there must come an inner healing. The inside out technique from the Red Report detailed how a cutter can address the issue and reverse the problem private. Self harm addiction is not normal and indicates a emotional stress.

Cutting yourself is an addiction

The act of cutting yourself is an addiction, it may start as a solution to a stressful situation but it is a very dangerous solution, in fact, self harm is never a solution. The numbers of people self harming is increasing rapidly, many are not sure exactly why they cut but they do feel the need to hurt themselves. Any act of harm on yourself or others is not good, regardless of whether you think you are in control of the self harm or not, harming anyone is not good. Cutting yourself for many people is truly an addiction, stopping can be extremely difficult.

Stressful situation

Stress is at the root cause of cutting, dissatisfaction in life and unhappiness will always be at the root cause of harm. When a person feels like their back is against a wall and there is no escape from themselves or others it will creates stress. Emotional stress can come from parents, teachers or even friends. The end result is always dissatisfaction and inner pain which can manifest as self harm, this can become the chosen method of easing the pain. This can develop into a very dangerous habit, cutting yourself can be an addiction.

To medicate or not to medicate? The typical treatment for self harm is medication, depending on the person different forms of medication can be utilized. Medications can be good and they can save lives but it is important not to stop at medication, there must come an inner healing, you must address the source of the self harm. The answer to self harm resides on the inside not the outside. The outward act of self harm is due to an inner dissatisfaction.  This was detailed fully in the Red Report as far back as 4 years ago. The inner is causing the outward act of self harm and it can ruin your life if not treated. Be well

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can't stop cutting myself? An answer

Why can't I stop cutting myself was a common question from a group of teens who had been harming themselves. The numbers of adults as well as teens who are self harming has been increasing according to recent health reports from Europe, Asia and the United States. Researchers are alarmed at the rising trend which has been affecting so many people. Often those practicing self harm behavior cannot actually verbal why they do the act. “I can't stop cutting myself” , this was the major issue at a current teen conference which was held in the United States.

The rising trend in self harm

Dr. Lee Lewis, at the Medical University of South Carolina spoke about the rising level of teens who are harming themselves

“I don't think anyone would say it's trendy or cool. It's painful,” Dr. Lewis explained. “The biggest risk factor is knowing or caring for someone who self injures. What you see is pockets that spring up in close knit areas”

We have worked with cutters from many years and  this website can tell you that cutters do what they do to relieve an inward stress. Emotional stress is at the root cause of all self harming, the act of causing a “cut” is an outward action which is coming from an inward emotional stress. Self harm can develop into a very addictive behavior, it is an act used by many to “say something”; it is an outward expression which is not good. If you are saying “I can't stop cutting myself” you are not alone, this problem can be solved.

The Red Report is  the best selling report for the last 5 year to stop self harm alone, no therapists or doctors. The most important thing to understand is that self harm is a very destructive habit, each cut leaves an emotional reminder of an inward problem. When you learn to fill back up what is missing then you will stop self harming. This is the technique from the “Red Report” that is now used in 12 countries

If you are saying "I can't stop cutting myself", please understand that you are not alone and there is help.

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