Thursday, February 28, 2013

Do you have to tell a doctor you are cutting yourself

Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting yourself is a very common question. There are many who cut and try to make sure that parents or medical doctors do not find out what they doing. Self harm is growing amongst teens and adults in England, the situation is getting worst according to the NHS. Why are so many wondering if they have to tell a doctor that they are cutting themselves? The reason is clearly that the cutter knows that this is something that is simply wrong.

A physical act that stems from a emotional cause

If you are self harming it is a sign that something is emotional wrong, harming your body is not healthy behavior, it may not be your fault that you started self harming, we have shown for over 4 years that most cutters were pushed emotional into a corner. Often parents have no clue that their child is self harming, there is a shrewd of secrecy that surrounds self harm. A cutter may or may not be suicidal but they are not happy either. A person who cuts is performing a physical action but the reasons are completely emotional

The Doctor may know you harm yourself

Doctors are very good at seeing emotional issues and self harm is definitely an emotional issue, self harm is a solution to an inner dissatisfaction. When a doctor discovers that a person is harming they may refer the cutter to have a mental evaluation. Often cutters are afraid that they will be viewed as crazy or will be forced to be put on medication. Do you have to tell your doctor that you are cutting? No but this issue should not be ignored, it must be addressed.

The Red Report is now in over 10 countries and as helped stop thousands in private to stop self harming without medications. See here Stopping Self Harm in 10 countries


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