Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can't stop cutting myself? An answer

Why can't I stop cutting myself was a common question from a group of teens who had been harming themselves. The numbers of adults as well as teens who are self harming has been increasing according to recent health reports from Europe, Asia and the United States. Researchers are alarmed at the rising trend which has been affecting so many people. Often those practicing self harm behavior cannot actually verbal why they do the act. “I can't stop cutting myself” , this was the major issue at a current teen conference which was held in the United States.

The rising trend in self harm

Dr. Lee Lewis, at the Medical University of South Carolina spoke about the rising level of teens who are harming themselves

“I don't think anyone would say it's trendy or cool. It's painful,” Dr. Lewis explained. “The biggest risk factor is knowing or caring for someone who self injures. What you see is pockets that spring up in close knit areas”

We have worked with cutters from many years and  this website can tell you that cutters do what they do to relieve an inward stress. Emotional stress is at the root cause of all self harming, the act of causing a “cut” is an outward action which is coming from an inward emotional stress. Self harm can develop into a very addictive behavior, it is an act used by many to “say something”; it is an outward expression which is not good. If you are saying “I can't stop cutting myself” you are not alone, this problem can be solved.

The Red Report is  the best selling report for the last 5 year to stop self harm alone, no therapists or doctors. The most important thing to understand is that self harm is a very destructive habit, each cut leaves an emotional reminder of an inward problem. When you learn to fill back up what is missing then you will stop self harming. This is the technique from the “Red Report” that is now used in 12 countries

If you are saying "I can't stop cutting myself", please understand that you are not alone and there is help.

*The Red Report*   may be read now here  Stopping Self Harm in 10 countries

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