Monday, February 25, 2013

I am addicted to cutting myself

I am addicted to cutting myself was the last email that we received yesterday, the mail from a 20 year young woman reinforced much of the emotional abuse that she has lived with. Bullying was one of the events that caused this young woman pain when she was a teen. The teasing and feel of loneliness lead her on a very destructive path. “I am addicted to cutting myself” how do I stop? This was her question

We can say that after 4 years of working with cutters that reading “The Red Report” will address the cutting problem immediately. In the case of this woman self harm started after living a very disastrous life in high school. She did not feel like she had any close friends, bullying started with name calling and progressed to silly pranks which other girls thought was funny but caused much pain to our cutter. There are thousands of people self harming all over Europe and the United States, in addition self harm is a huge problem in Asia but it is seldom spoken of. “I am addicted to cutting myself”, it is a cry of many who deal with this issue alone

Why you cut

Self harm is a solution to a problem, it is a method that is used to stop an emotional emptiness, like a drug the self harm does seem to work but it is only temporary, you will soon cut again. The inner problem is never solved with cutting it is a vicious cycle and you never heal. Science is revealing that a technique of going inside to the root of the pain and emptiness can help you stop self harming, this is not with a therapist but alone. This new way is helping you regain the power and control that has been taken from you. I am addicted to cutting is what has brought thousands to the The Red Report which is read in 10 countries See here Stopping Self Harm in 10 countries

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