Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cutting yourself is an addiction

The act of cutting yourself is an addiction, it may start as a solution to a stressful situation but it is a very dangerous solution, in fact, self harm is never a solution. The numbers of people self harming is increasing rapidly, many are not sure exactly why they cut but they do feel the need to hurt themselves. Any act of harm on yourself or others is not good, regardless of whether you think you are in control of the self harm or not, harming anyone is not good. Cutting yourself for many people is truly an addiction, stopping can be extremely difficult.

Stressful situation

Stress is at the root cause of cutting, dissatisfaction in life and unhappiness will always be at the root cause of harm. When a person feels like their back is against a wall and there is no escape from themselves or others it will creates stress. Emotional stress can come from parents, teachers or even friends. The end result is always dissatisfaction and inner pain which can manifest as self harm, this can become the chosen method of easing the pain. This can develop into a very dangerous habit, cutting yourself can be an addiction.

To medicate or not to medicate? The typical treatment for self harm is medication, depending on the person different forms of medication can be utilized. Medications can be good and they can save lives but it is important not to stop at medication, there must come an inner healing, you must address the source of the self harm. The answer to self harm resides on the inside not the outside. The outward act of self harm is due to an inner dissatisfaction.  This was detailed fully in the Red Report as far back as 4 years ago. The inner is causing the outward act of self harm and it can ruin your life if not treated. Be well

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  1. Cutting yourself to quell emotional pain isn’t all that different from drinking or drugging, though the scars are more apparent.
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