Monday, November 3, 2014

Help to Stop cutting myself

“I am seeking help to stop cutting myself”, this was the email that we received over the weekend from a young woman who is battling the urge to self harm. We are very familiar with the temptation and urges which are associated with self harming, it is important to remember that cutters have an addiction; the action is a brain response to a stress.  The young woman’s cry is very revealing, “I am seeking help to stop cutting myself”, and the good news is that the person acknowledges that there is a problem.



Why we cut


Self harm is a brain reaction to an emotional stimuli, it is a coping mechanism employ by the brain to deal with a stressful situation. The numbers of people who are self harming is increasing in the United States and Europe, a recent report from Mayrood University highlighted the tremendous number of women self harming in Ireland. The University study reports that more than 10 percent of young women are self harming, what makes matters worst is that there is no way to tell how many more people are not being counted. We can now understand that like our emailer’s message “Seeking help to stop cutting myself” is not as rare as once believed, many millions are self harming worldwide.


This website has made it clear for over the last 5 years that the numbers of people self harming will continue to climb; this is because the root causes of the action are not being addressed. Doctors usually prescribed antidepressants for those who self harm, this can be a great help but we are left with a major problem, medications do not address the root causes of cutting.


There is some good news; there is a new technique which has been helping many people with seeking how to stop cutting themselves in an amazing way. It is a selgf help approach  that has been having great success with self injury, it involves no doctors, and no therapy; actually the cutter heals alone in private. You are filled back up, replacing with is missing and causing the self harm. You heal yourself alone and this cutting self help is effective, it is an inside-out treatment that has been helping teens and adults who self harm.



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