Friday, August 15, 2014

Cutting and Depression is a growing problem

Cutting and depression are often linked, but the sad fact of the matter is that a new study shows that most in England are not being treated despite being depressed.  Mental illness is a very debilitating illness, a depressive mental state affects every aspect of a person’s life, for example many are unable to hold steady employment. Those who self harm may get an emotional urge to cause injury to their own body. According researchers cutting and depression seem to have a very strong link.



More depressed, but few being treated


In a very startling study which was released last week, it was reported that over 2/3 of people in the England who are depressed are not receiving any treatment for the condition, this is very alarming.

Professor Simon Wessely of King's College London stated that about 70% of people receive absolutely no treatment for clinical depression in the United Kingdom.

"People are still routinely waiting for – well, we don't really know, but certainly more than 18 weeks, possibly up to two years, for their treatment and that is routine in some parts of the country. Some children aren't getting any treatment at all – literally none. That's what's happening. So although we have the aspiration, the gap is now so big and yet there is no more money," he said.

Often young people (who are statically the majority that are self harming) are the least likely to get any treatment at all, with cutting and depression linked we can see how this is a very troubling situation. It is crucial that those who are self harming understand that it is very important to take steps to address the self harm. Many cutters will need antidepressants, this has helped many but do stop there; take your healing further. 

Medications can be great but they will never get to the root causes of why you are depressed and self harm.  The Red Report is still the number one method to heal self harm alone and in private; you will learn how to address self harm on your own, the report was created by cutters for cutters and it works.


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