Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Depressed self harming? What to do about this

We received an email from a young woman 23, who is depressed and self harming, she has stated that she is in a very difficult stage of her life and sees no hope. It is a sad fact of the matter that cutting and other forms of harm is increasing, we have predicted from our own research that unfortunately more people will turn to cutting, it is going to get worst as more people seek a way out of the corner which they feel they are backed into. If you are depressed and self harming you are not alone, in this post we will address how depression starts early in life, leading to a future generation of cutters.  A new study reveals that children who are identified as depressed from Pre School are often affected by depression straight up until middle school.



Depession starts early


As depression increases so does the risk of self harm, studies show that timing is crucial, the earlier the stressful situations can be addressed the better the chance for a hopeful outcome. If you self harm, do recognize that this action is an outward manifestation of an internal stress. When it comes to depression timing is crucial according to a new study from Washington University.


In a new study, the researchers revealed that children suffering from depression as young as age 4 were almost 3 times as likely to battle depression in elementary and middle school as children who were not depressed at very young ages.



It’s the same old bad news about depression; it is a chronic and recurrent disorder,” said child psychiatrist Joan L. Luby, MD, who directs Washington University’s Early Emotional Development Program. “But the good news is that if we can identify depression early, perhaps we have a window of opportunity to treat it more effectively and potentially change the trajectory of the illness so that it is less likely to be chronic and recurring.”


What the doctor reveals is very important, she mentions that we have a “window of opportunity” (meaning that children should be treated early), after this window closes it becomes much more difficult to treat.



The internal stresses of life start early, if you are depressed and self harming you are turning on yourself.  Internal stresses can originate from school, families, relationships or abuses; these are often the real causes for self harm. If you are self harming you are not a bad person, you have internal stresses that cause you to turn on yourself.


We highly suggest you download the Red Report and read it immediately, then read it again until you identify your root cause. The Red Report is used in 10 countries to stop self harm on your own, in private.




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