Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Depressed, cutting yourself? Take control

Are you depressed and cutting yourself? If this is your situation you are not alone. The numbers of people self harming has increased in the United States and much of Europe over the last 10 years. What is even scarier is the fact the average age of the cutters are getting younger, recent hospital records in England show 10 years being admitted for self harm. If you are depressed and cutting yourself it is a sign that you do need help but getting the right help is important.

The incredible rise in self harm

In Scotland, Europe the numbers of people self harming has skyrocketed, according to the Lib Dem health spokesman Ross Finnie, he was quoted as saying the numbers are “astonishing”

He continued "This was backed up by a more recent report into child and adolescent mental health which warned about the prevalence of self-harm and the lack of systematic support.

"The health secretary needs to act on these figures and address the concerns about mental health services outlined by Audit Scotland” What is telling about his statement is the admission that there is a lack of support for those who are suffering, if you are depressed and cutting yourself there may not be anyone available to help you, this is why it is important to take steps to help yourself

What's in a pill?

The usual treatment for a person who is self harming is to receive anti depressants and this is a good option, it is not the only option and it should not be the last step in your healing. You should go beyond a pill to get to the root causes of your self harm. The emptiness inside will never be filled with a pill if you are depressed and cutting yourself. There is some good news, many people have been helped alone in private by reading the “Red Report” Self harm, it has now been read in over 10 countries by people who self harm, it can take you beyond pills. See here The Red Report Self Harm 

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