Friday, April 12, 2013

Cutting yourself, Depressed and Suicidal thoughts

If you are cutting yourself and depressed it is important to know that this can lead to a downward spiral of more serious self harm, the numbers of young people committing suicide is growing. Although most Mental health officials say that a person who cuts is not trying to take their life what is not mentioned is that many cutters do have suicidal thoughts very often. Cutting yourself and feeling depressed does lead to increased suicidal thoughts.

According to the British Medical Journal, deliberate self harm ranges from behaviors with no suicidal intent (but with the intent to communicate distress or relieve tension) through to suicide. Almost 1 in6 adolescents will self harm at some time in their life, and 1 in 2 older adolescents report having had suicidal thoughts at some time. What this shows is that cutting yourself with depressed feelings may be on the “lower end” of the suicide range but many do progress from cutting to suicide. The leap from the blade for cuts to an attempt on the life is not that far, this is extremely troubling.

All cutters are experiencing an inner pain that comes from life situations, others make you cut. We are seeing a growing number of bullying and school stresses leading to self harm. If you are cutting yourself and depressed do not be deceived because self harm and suicidal thoughts are linked, this was revealed by researchers at School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, they concluded

Compared to those who had never self-harmed, those who had self-harmed but not wanted to die during the most recent episode were at increased risk of ever having had suicidal thoughts and ever making suicidal plans. As the frequency of self-harm increased, so did the risk of suicidal thoughts and plans.

Cutting yourself is not a simple release of tension from stress, it is an act that has a strong link to suicidal thoughts, many who have committed suicide were cutters earlier in life or engaged in other acts of self harm when depressed.

Self harm is a bad solution to an inner problem uses caused by others.

The Red Report:Self Harm  stopper used by Cutters in 10 Countries 

See Here  The Red Report


  1. hi im 27 and the last time i cut was just under a year ago it cost me three weeks of work and it was when i lived with my cousins and when they saw the blood in the house it changed the way they see me and my family was threatning to send me to a mental home but ended up having to go to the doctor to get medication and got diagnosed with bipolar but it feels like the pills make me feel empty inside and it sux being around certain people because i have to remeber to wear a jersey or if ill be ok if someone sais something about my scars because you can see were the stiches were it has already cost me my marriage because my wife couldnt handle coming home and coming to bed and our bed full of blood im fighting not to do it now because had a pretty shit day i just wish i was normal but i dont know if i can ever stop cutting it just feels like i want to die but i dont want to fuck it up and become a vege because that would be worse than death how can i stop fucking everything up just got to take everything day to day and if i make it through another day without cutting or having those negative thoughts just have to try to stay positive and remeber who else i hurt when i cut or try to kill or harm myself

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  3. I need help i have. 12 old and she cuts and i dont know what to do or where to start

  4. I'm only thirteen and I cut myself. I feel as if nobody cares about me, and left and right people are leaving me. My best friend just ditched me, my siblings hate me, my dad tells me I do everything wrong, i try to starve myself because do think I'm a fat cow, even though people tell me I'm skinny. But I cut myself, and always pray, and beg god to just end me in my sleep because I'm too afraid to commit suicide myself. I wish my life didn't have to be like this, especially at thirteen. But I'll have to be strong, and push through it. Hopefully I can... hopefully