Friday, April 12, 2013

I ruined my life when I slept with...

“I ruined my life” it is a common situation we hear so much today from teen girls who make a mistake and end up nude on a very embarrassing video or cellphone. There has been no less than 3 major news stories in the past 3 months of girls who have slept with multiple guys at a party(the girls was drunk in all cases) and the event ends up on hundreds of cellphone videos. “ I ruined my life”... The latest case is in California where a teen girl just 15 hung herself after being videotaped having sex with multiple guys(she was unconscious and drunk), the boys are being charged with rape.

The rise in Depression

Depression statistics from the department of mental health shows that there are been a very large increase in the numbers of teens who are suffering from clinical depression, the situation is just as gloomy for college students who have seen a rise in their suicide rates over the last 10 years. Many of the young people today are stressed and depressed and often that can lead to alcohol as a form of release, the proliferation of cellphone cameras are causing the bad decision of many girls to be shared with thousands on the internet. The numbers of girls who believe that they have ruined their lives after an encounter with multiple guys are increasing.

Bragging rights for guys

Men have always bragged about their intimate encounters but the proliferation of cellphone cameras have teens taking the bragging rights to a whole new level, these encounters are being shared on cellphone videos by teen boys, many of the girls cannot live down the shame. Jessica Garcia just 15 threw herself in front of a on coming train and died after 4 boys slept with her and videotaped the encounter on their cellphones, the videotaped encounter was shared with hundreds in the school. “ I ruined my life” was what she believed and ended her life violently, she admitted she could not take the shame. “I ruined my life”, teens with cellphone cameras are taking another person's bad decisions and shooting revealing all the details on an atomic level.

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