Thursday, April 4, 2013

I started cutting myself again... When you fail

Can you stop cutting yourself is a good question and the answer lies within the cutter, there are cutters who say they “needed” to do it, it is something that gets them through the pain they are experiencing. Can you stop depends on the situation and where you are in your life, all cutters are not the same, each person is experiencing a different feeling. Can you stop cutting yourself or is it something that will always continue? This is a question we received from a girl who had been cutting for many years, stopped and then relapsed.

The frustration is real

There are many who thought they had conquered self harming only to find that something in life triggers the feeling to cut again, this can be a very disappointing feeling, it is important to realize that if you start hurting yourself again it does not mean that you have failed. The situation is different for each person and depending on what you are going through you may be led to start hurting yourself again. It may seem like you have failed but this is not the case, it simply means that you suffered a set back, do not judge yourself to harshly.

Self harm can be an addiction and like any other addiction we sometimes fall down and go back to doing something that we know inside is not really right, often cutters are very hard on themselves when they start harming again. It is important to understand that this is an addiction that can be triggered, the cutter may not s have seen abetter way to handle what they were going through at the time. Can you stop cutting yourself? Yes, but make the full effort to take control of the problem and realize sometimes we fall down

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