Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Can't stop cutting Myself: Why this occurs

I can't stop cutting myself is a common dilemma amongst those who practice this behavior, what many who self harm may not be aware of is that the act of self harm is extremely addictive, like any other addiction it may see that you can take control the behavior but this is not the truth, self harming can become a very vicious cycle of emotional pain. It is a very common phrase “ I can't stop cutting myself” and there is a good reason for this.

Why Self harm is so addictive

All self harming stems from an emotional stress, this is something that has been proven by mental health officials, this emotional stress can coming from school, family, friends or other people who are close to you. The numbers of people suffering from stress has increased dramatically over the past decade according to the department of mental health, emotional stresses cause trouble in the body and the brain. According to researchers at Ohio University constantly thinking on your problems causes stressful inflammation in the body and brain.

I can't stop cutting myself

Those who self harm often live in a continual depressed state of mind, in the study it was found that to ruminate on stressful incidents( or a life of bad experiences) increased levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of tissue inflammation.. The study by Ohio University is the first to directly measure this effect in the body. Reaching for the blade is a solution to the stress and it may work but you will continually need this solution and it often become an addiction, this is similar to those who turn to alcohol for the solution to their stressful situation. When interviewed by researchers in Europe (Scotland)  “I can't stop cutting myself” was a common confession amongst self harmers. Self Harm comes with a price, each cut leaves a deeper emotional scar that you will have to live with, it is a bad solution to an emotional depression or an overwhelming stress.

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